Outstanding Education in Every School

I believe that school grades and academic achievement should not be based on zip codes.  We should fight to reduce disparities throughout TUSD so that all students, regardless of their background, will get the opportunities they need to succeed.

Becoming Tucson's First Choice for all Families

As more families leave TUSD, we can retain and regain these students by highlighting and increasing the unique opportunities TUSD already offers,  including dual language classes and vocational training, and creating new opportunities that compete with local charter schools, neighboring districts, and online education.

Resources that Students Need to Succeed

As a family physician, I care for some of our community's most disadvantaged children, including those with mental illness and behavioral concerns.  Unfortunately, services are not easily available to meet their needs.  It's not fair that the burden falls upon our school district, but for so many students, TUSD is their only resource.  I believe that our district needs to support counseling, social work, and other services so that our most marginalized students can learn.

Support for our Educators

Our teachers and educational support staff are our district's most valuable assets. Tucson's educators have earned our respect as professionals and ought to have the resources necessary to support their students effectively.

Art, Music, PE and More

Schools shouldn't have to rely on tax credit funds and other workarounds to provide our children access to art, music, physical education, and other enrichment experiences.  Our district can do better to ensure that we provide a well-rounded education to all Tucson kids.

Healthy Schools, Healthy Kids, Brighter Futures

I know that healthy kids learn best.  This starts with healthy meals at school, time for exercise and recess,  and a positive classroom environment where every student feels safe.